A blog about making robots.


Hobby Robotics

I've started posting new articles to a new site called Hobby Robotics.


Lots of Additions to Components Section

I've added a bunch of new componets to my robot page. Most of these are sensors but not all of them.

Fiber Feelers Touch Sensor
Bend Sensor
L298 Motor Driver
HM55B Compass Module

These are all accessible from my components page.


SRF10 Sensor

I recently added a new sensor page and an article about the SRF05 ultrasonic sensor.


Next robot

I've completed work on Light Bot. You can read about it here.

I'm already thinking about my next robot. I'm thinking it's going to try and map out a room. To do this I think I will have it use various types of either sonar or bump sensors. I'm still very much in the planning stage. I suspect this robot will take a significant amount of time to assemble. Most of this time will be spent researching and testing various sensors.


Opening Site

I will be posting various robot topics here. Most of these posts will probably revolve around disscussions about my robot website. For now feel free to post any comments you may have here.